Policy and Fees

Policy & Fees

Students have 24 months to complete their full Driver’s Education course. If not completed, the entire course will have to be repeated and the fee paid for the class will not be refunded. When you sign up, make sure to prepay to guarantee a seat in the class.

• We DO NOT accept personal checks, and there are no refunds on any of the fees paid to the driving school.
• We are a Licensed and professional school for Driver Education by the Registry of Motor Vehicles.
• A full Driver Education course entitles the new driver to an insurance reduction.
• Our aim is to assist students in becoming a safe, skilled, and courteous driver.

Fee Schedule

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Driver Education Course (consists of 30 hours in classroom instruction)……..Regular Price $175.00 – Special Price $125.00
Parent / Guardian Instruction Course (consists of 2 hours in classroom instruction)……..$35.00
*Parents or guardian’s whom have attended our parental curriculum course in the past 5 years, but have lost a copy of the certificate we can issue a duplicate at a fee of $10.00

Road Lessons (consists of 1 hour behind the wheel driving with instructor) Fall River only………$40.00
Road Lessons surrounding areas;
(Somerset, Swansea, Westport)…….$45.00
(Rehoboth, Dighton, Berkley, Dartmouth)…….$50.00

Per the Registry of Motor Vehicles, in order to receive a Driver’s Education Certificate, all students must complete: a 30 hour driver’s education course; 12 hours of behind the wheel driving instruction; 6 hours of driver observation. In addition, the student must complete 40 hours of supervised driving with parent or guardian, and the parent or guardian must attend the 2 hours Parental Curriculum course. Students will not be considered for the insurance reduction certificate unless the request classroom, driving and observation hours are completed according to the rules of the Registry of Motor Vehicles. Parents’ inquiries regarding a student’s progress are welcome and appreciated.

The following are Registry of Motor Vehicles fees:

• Permit Fee…………………………..$30.00
• License Fee………………………….$50.00
• License Appointment…………………..$35.00
• Drivers Ed. Certificate……………….$15.00

The following are Driving School fees:

• Paperwork Preparation…………………$30.00
• Road Test Exam w/ Driving school car……$125.00

***All Driving School fees are to be paid with CASH ONLY – NO CHECKS***

Any Driving lesson missed without 24-hour cancellation notice will be charged at the rate of the individual lesson. Monday lessons must be cancelled on SATURDAY before 5 PM. If you call the day of your schedule appointment YOU WILL BE CHARGED. Please DO NOT call us on Sundays or on Holidays for cancellations – WE ARE CLOSED.

If you decide to transfer to another driving school to complete your road lessons, you will be required to pay $50 dollars as the $175 dollars special price you paid for the classroom instruction only applies to students who complete the entire driver’s education course with our school.

You can pick up your Driver’s Manual at the RMV or at the Driving School for $5.00.

*** NO REFUNDS ***